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Why I am joining the Tea Party

I have had enough of trying to think and talk about what needs to be done. Now it is time to go with what I feel (frustrated). I have been a liberal lefty for a long time, and I’m tired of not getting any traction. It might be nice to see things get done for once. Maybe it is time to let the poor fend for themselves. After all,  if they had just worked harder they would be further ahead. Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry will create clear lines between the haves and the have-nots. But maybe that will make life easier, and I certainly won’t have to worry about what side I am on. I am tall, white and male; the trifecta of blessed in America.

With more deregulation and less government interference the odds of my getting ahead in America go up. Should I be penalized because somebody else was born poor and black, or in the wrong country? And I know it makes no economic sense but demonizing illegal immigrants is going to improve pride in America because at least we are standing up for our rights. If we let a bunch of busboys and gardeners have their way we lose sight of what make America great: we are a nation of rules and rule followers. Without rules we will have chaos, with rules we can focus on what is important, getting ahead and getting laid. Yes I said that. Let’s be honest getting some is the American Dream.

I for one am willing to put up with a little more inequality, if you can’t cut it and turn violent, well that’s what the prison system is for. A system, by the way, that should be privatized, so that American entrepreneurs can turn the sweat of those who couldn’t cut it into a healthy profit. Profits create jobs for those who deserve them.

Maybe it is time to give a world that is anti-intellectual, anti-art, and pro-patriotic a chance. Then we can focus on family values and for families without healthcare and housing we can all chip in and bring back volunteerism. We can take care of our own – just like the olden days; we don’t need a government telling us what to do. And we can stop worrying about the myth of climate change. There is nothing in wrong with the environment that can’t be fixed by free enterprise. Industry isn’t going to ruin its own back yard.

Join me in this growing political movement where the objections of the left can be overcome by believing in what we believe. In this new world order the courage of our convictions is all that matters. We are not alone we have FOX news on our side and many members of congress. But our great hope is the weak-willed liberals.  They are lazy and apathetic. They are not organized and have no sustainable new movement to carry them forward. They lack a clear voice, leadership, and a commitment to make their goals and values clear to the majority of Americans.

That’s why I am joining the tea party: less thought, more vitriol. It just feels right.


Bobby Smile

Proud American

September 11, 2011

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