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Welcome to the new home for my personal blog

Welcome to my personal blog (as opposed to my professional blog.)

This blog will consist of writing and video work that I am doing around the idea of connecting Yoga and Vedic philosophy to everyday life in the western world. So you will see a variety of essays, media reviews, social commentary, video blogs and even some questions & answers (if you have any!). The goal is to offer you tools and encouragement for becoming a Modern Yogi and sharing the Modern Yogi lifestyle with others. You may ask what it is a Modern Yogi? Well..

A Modern Yogi is someone who:

– believes in the power of virtue (Dharma) to shift consciousness.

– thinks the happiness you seek will be found in the happiness you create for others.

– feels acts of kindness and courage triumph over self-preservation.

– knows that what we do is more important than what we think.

– is not into short cuts, but is definitely into efficiency.

– is not the body, not the mind, and not any of the roles we play.

– is a Spirit-Soul who knows everything here is play and the art of service.

Another exciting aspect of the blog is “Ask the Yogi”. These will be my answers to your questions. Some will be posted as written blogs and some as video, while some will be answered in the Akashic field (just kidding). Seriously though, I can’t guarantee I will get to every question, but I will do my best.

You can submit questions by email to or you can use the submission form.

While I do not make any promise to be regular, I will add things from time to time. So, please use the subscribe function. That way you won’t miss a thing:-D

Really hope you like the new site and I am looking forward to your feedback


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