QUICKY Review* Iron Man 2

Iron Man not 2 great

Director Jon Favreau seems to have lost his way here and he wasn’t helped by Justin Theroux’s very poorly written script.  While Justin should stick to acting, Jon shouldn’t give up directing, but he needs a better support team and much better writers.

The actors were good with the exception of Scarlett Johansson, who has done much better work and came off like a cut-out from a Top Cow comic book (Top Cow is the king of busty two-dimensional characters.)

With a 74% rating on Rotten Tomatoes this film is a good example of how the aggregation of reviews can be dramatically skewed up by the very subjective choice of what makes a good review. If you look at the so called “good” reviews you will see that they are faint praise indeed.

Let’s hope the franchise gets better as it appears from the after the credits sneak peek that the next avenger to be brought back to film life is Thor.

Vedic view point –  I’m sure there is something to say here but this movie has not inspired me to look to hard.

Rating: 5/10

Recommendation: this will probably make a good blu-ray DVD for your home theater no need to rush out and see it


* Quicky Reviews are when I saw the film but didn’t write a full length review….


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An organizational psychologist and intellectual visionary, Atma is a provocative, colorful personality whose commentary on the subjects of wellness ranges from opening yourself to compassion and empathy to the absolute need for personal discipline and courage. As a leadership mentor his methodology derives from his study in India of the ancient Vedic teachings to post-modern, high-tech, street level savvy. Atma brings a unique and cutting perspective to the little-understood world of marketing psychology.

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